A native of Minnesota, Brent Berry grew up with a love of nature, adventure and living to help others. A decade plus in the Auction industry, Brent has had the honor to work with organizations across the country in a variety of auction formats from cars, estates, farm inventory, and his favorite, benefit auctions within the nonprofit industry.

Brent was bit by the entertainment bug at the tender age of 15 and began a wildly successful career in the Radio Broadcast industry. What began as a young radio personality, went on to develop into a successful radio production career in one of America’s top 10 markets, KDWD in Minneapolis. Years in the Broadcast and radio entertainment industry gave way to what is now Brent’s signature personality on stages and auction blocks across this great country. His personality and charm put audiences at ease and his comfort behind the mic is more than obvious to all who attend his events.

Brent’s passion for nonprofits and giving back to others comes from a very unique perspective. After his career in radio broadcast, Brent went on to become a high producing agent in the real estate industry. At the height of his career, Brent was delivered an unthinkable blow of being diagnosed with a rare genetic liver disease coupled with a diagnosis of cancer in his kidneys. Brent fought hard to make his way through this battle for his health, adjust his lifestyle to fit his diagnosis, and go on to become cancer free.

Brent’s commitment to helping others comes from his own experience and the ability to face adversity despite the odds stacked against him. Fueled by his passion for the auction industry and the love for his only son, Brent worked hard to continue his auction career and expand the depths of those he is able to service with his talents. Brent is an accomplished ringman in addition to being an auctioneer, and has traveled to many auctions to aid as both a ringman, or an auctioneer, and whichever the occasion calls for Brent is always there with enthusiasm and passion.

Brent is an avid outdoorsman, and when not on stage, he can be found skydiving. He is a thrill seeker who knows all too well what it means to fight for the joy to be alive. He brings a high work ethic, passion and enthusiasm to all that he does. Educated at the prestigious World Wide College of Auctioneering in Denver, CO, Brent is honored by all that he has learned by so many accomplished professionals in his field and brings all of that knowledge with him to all of his auctions.

Brent currently resides in his home state of Minnesota, and takes great pride in both his journey in the field of radio broadcast and the auction industry. Brent truly believes these two industries run side by side in so many ways and accounts his first career to the ease he feels on stage in his second. Brent looks forward to making your next auction a huge success and to pooling all his talents to achieve your greatest success. In the words of the auctioneer, Sold!